Seek & Keep Artisan Market October 2015

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This is what we got up to this weekend. We were at the Seek and Keep Artisans Market in Bangsar shopping Centre. I’m sure you guys have seen us around there. It was a fulfilled weekend indeed with creative vendors alike, and my gosh! Don’t get me started on the costumes.  We saw little princesses, mimes, all sorts of animals that the children were dressed up as. But most importantly the big scary ones. As you can see below Mimi from Wakidoku Design was not afraid to take a picture with the ware wolf. Ellie however just cringed. The amount of lady screams when they were pouncing behind each vendors was hilarious! 


Ok sorry trailed off a bit there. Back to our booth! We set up quite early. ‘Aysha’ the mannequin we call her, wore a show-stopping piece from the PF15 & Urbanika KLFW 2015 Collection, as you can see below.



Our Mini Boutique for the Weekend



From Left Mimi Ahmad Handbag Designer from Wakidoku Design

My lady boss Ellie Norman. Oh that’s me there!



Ellie is making sure ‘Aysha’ looks her best for her last day at Seek and Keep with the help of ‘Verstyle Vintage Accessories’ and our all time favourites from My Apparel Zoo.

You can view the accessories collection at their Facebook page here



Can you guess which one is new?!

Our Angolan Fabrics was a hit at the Artisan Bazaar Market!


Thank You Zoogirls, for dropping by and supporting our booth. We were so happy and grateful that you were there to enjoy the weekend with us!


Ok, my work is done. Signing out now! Stay tuned for the next post.