My Apparel Zoo Debut on KLFW 2015: Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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What a blessing and an honour to have My Apparel Zoo take part in this years KLFW RTW 2015 Fashion Show. It takes countless efforts and hardwork from our team between sketches samples, fittings and finally seeing the collection on stage. Blood, sweat and tears have been put into our show and thankfully it all paid off

If you Zoogirls werent able to attend the show, don't fret as this little write up will help you visualise everything from head to toe.  

Before the shows started, we arrived a few hours earlier to prepare for the fashion show, from backstage fittings to the seating arrangements. We got absolutely excited to see the models properly dolled up before the show. Ellie Norman was backstage for the fashion show and she was so nervous and repeatedly was checking with the girls whether the guests have arrived, thankfully they all did. It was a full house on our end. Could you imagine that? You Zoogirls are super supportive, and she kept bugging us to make sure the clothese wasn't creased. Ellie wanted the show to be perfect! After all, it’s the labels first show on the Runway. 


Founder Ellie E Norman and her ZooGirl Team



Founder Ellie E Norman and Fellow Fashion Designer Kittie YiYi (Backstage)



Goodie bags as a token of appreciation for our guest which consist of Kek&Co cookie favours ,Wakidoku braceletes ,Bodytone vouchers, Purely B mini cook book , RM100 Ellie Normans Custom Line Voucher and RM60 My Apparel Zoo’s gift card voucher.



Backstage at My Apparel Zoo



All around the world in prints by Ellie Norman was a collection of feminine and versatile silhouttes. Utilising bright colours, mainly Fuchsia Pinks and Yellows. Each look blossomed with our designed floral prints from Japan and abstract prints from Angola, Africa.


The show was collaborated with a known local jewelry designer named Perte Handmade. Each crafted jewelry was highly stylised and imbued with extraordinarily meticulous and intricate designs specifically for the collection. You can view his pieces at


Lastly, our guest dolled up in My Apparel Zoo Statement Pieces in support for the show. 

From Left Actresses Chris Tong and Carmen Soo wore My Apparel Zoo Custom Spring Summer 2016 Collections, with friend Raeleen then Vivy Yussof, Reem Shahwa & Siti Saleha



Carmen Soo Actress from Left is wearing pieces from My Apparel Zoo with her friend Raeleen.



Our front Row of Celebrities and Socialites looking amazing in our signature African And Japanese Prints. These looks were customised for each one of them.

Debroah Henry from left, Serena C, Joyce Wong, Chris Tong, Carmen Soo, Raeleen. 



Erin Adlina from Left and Ellie Norman



Vivy Yussof from Left and Ellie Norman


Puteri Afzan Shakira Nabila is wearing an Asymmetrical Floral Wrap Dress straight from the catwalk. 



From Left Sharifah Sakinah & Siti Saleha


From Left Actresses Siti Saleha And Sharifah Sakinah in signature African Print Pencil Skirts and our popular Camela sleeveless blouse.


Joyce Wong who's also known as Kinky blue fairy is wearing our Floral Crop top from My Apparel Zoo.

You can check out her write up on My Apparel Zoo KLFW 2015 Show at


Our Kind Sponsors and friends, the Ladies behind Kek&Co with Ellie Norman


Founder of My Apparel Zoo Ellie E Norman with her family.




Ellie Norman & Boyfriend Azril Ghaus 



Family and Friends of Ellie Norman



Family and Close Friends of My Apparel Zoo



Friends of My Apparel Zoo & Ellie Norman



Friends of My Apparel Zoo



Family and Friends of Ellie Norman



From left Lara Rowena, Fini Abdullah 



Close Friends of My Apparel Zoo



Look! Thats Us. The Zoogirl Team