About Us

Welcome to the Zoo

Ellie E. Norman, Founder and Fashion designer of My Apparel Zoo, aims to bring that extra zest into the lives of fashionistas. My Apparel Zoo creates versatile and unique collections for all types of women with a particular emphasis on using eclectic printed fabrics from all over the world.

"If i could describe My Apparel Zoo in a few words it would be colourful, unique, and feminine with a slight edge" - Ellie Norman

The Owner

Ellie E specialises in designing african printed skirts. Her designs are exclusive and only comes in a few pieces. Her most sought out materials are african fabrics, she says the colours and the abstract designs are very unique. “It’s as if the colours and shapes are telling a story, to me art is all about telling a story and that’s the same way I feel about fashion”.

Ellie has always been passionate about fashion. Ever since she was little her dream was to work in the fashion world. Growing up, Ellie has travelled the world experiencing different ways of life. Born in Canada then moving to Indonesia, Spain, Thailand, China and then to the United Kingdom for university where she obtained a Bsc in Management from the University of West of England, Bristol. This has definitely given her a creative insight to the world of fashion, being able to learn from different cultures, traditions and meeting different people. “I am truly blessed” she says for being able to travel the world. Upon graduation she worked for an Investment bank from October 2011 till early 2013. She says that although working in an Investment bank and building your own fashion company are two completely different things, the knowledge learnt from the banking industry gave her a good insight into the business world, it was a stepping stone to start her online boutique with the support and advice from her father who is a retired diplomat, now a leader in the corporate world.

Ellie is set to show her fashionista’s that with her love for the arts, innate eye for beauty and unique sense of style, she can work towards doing something that she really loves. My Apparel Zoo favourite quote? – Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened – ANATOLE FRANCE.

My Apparel Zoo Awarded 'Outstanding Brand' for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2016